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WELCOME      Dear Swimmers, team leaders       Thanks to all volunteers for their
  TO ISRAEL  and guests                        work.
             Welcome to Israel and to the      Wish you all a great stay in Israel.
             beautiful city of Netanya.        Simon Davidson
             The israel Swimming Association   President of the
             is proud and honored to host the  Israeli Swimming Association
             European Junior Championships
             at the Wingate Institute and its    Simon Davidson
             spectacular swimming pool.
             Just 18 months ago we                President of the
             hosted the 25 m European             Israeli Swimming Association
             championships with great
             success including two world
             records. I’m sure that you the
             young swimmers will swim very
             fast as well.
             I want to thank the LEN
             bureau and President Barely
             for choosing Israel to host the
             I want to thank Noam Zwi the
             chairman of the organization for
             his great work.

             Dear Swimmers , Team leaders      and atmosphere to these
             and guests                        breathtaking championships.
             The Israel Swimming Association   Wish to see you all at peak
             is proud and honored to host      performance and good spirits.
             the upcoming 2017, Netanya        Noam Zwi
             European Junior Championships.    Chairman
             The new modern, 3 meters deep     Organizing Committee
             and fast swimming pool at the
             Wingate Institute will be the       Noam Zwi
             center attraction of this event.
             We are sure that it will allow       Chairman,
             each one of you to reach his         Organizing Committee
             personal goal at this event.
             The organizing committee
             with all 400 volunteers are
             working relentlessly for over a
             year, preparing one of the most
             spectacular championships ever,
             and we are all waiting for you.
             The legendary view of the
             Mediterranean Sea and the
             biblical sites of Israel, will
             stage a perfect background

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