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Netanya Stadium

The new municipal stadium – the crowning glory of Israel’s sports facilities, and one of the Europe's most cutting-edge stadiums,
features in the list of the world’s ten most beautiful stadiums. It has 14,000 seats (in the first stage) and 17 luxury boxes.
In addition to the high-quality viewing experience of both sporting and cultural events, the stadium offers its visitors large
commercial areas which serve as a cultural and commercial attraction, with the Israeli Building Center, the HaCabinet pub, and
a sports center, having already found their place there. Likewise, there are a range of spacious kiosks, for the greatest possible
convenience of all visitors. 
The oval-shaped stadium was planned so that all spectators have optimal lines of vision from any point in the stands, with the
aisles and spectator entrances designed to allow the best possible view.
Beyond its function as an advanced sports and cultural facility, the Netanya Stadium has earned the status of a major architectural
and design icon, due to its impressive architectural design, and artistic lighting system which illuminates it both inside and out.

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