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Over the years, Netanya Municipality has developed a magnificent stretch of promenades, as well as special access paths to the beach,
with the most unique being the elevator to the sea, situated at the center of the Rishonim Promenade. 
The promenades stretch along the breathtaking scenery of the Netanya coastline , offering pedestrians a wide range of spots to sit, play
areas, lawns, artistic creations and environmental sculptures, as well as bike paths.
All of these contribute to the singularity of the public areas, as well as the individual character of each of the city’s promenades:

The Nitza Promenade – stretches between the Mini Golf Restaurant and              special children’s play area. The elevator to the sea is at its center, enabling
the Galil Hotel. Offers seating areas, play areas, lawns, and a bike path.
For the children’s pleasure – sculpture play equipment in the forms of            accessible and easy descent from scenery to beach.
animals and red mushrooms.                                                        The Dankner Promenade – a level promenade on a cliff, enabling close
The Ma’apilim Promenade – the promenade includes an art square
with the city art gallery – the Cliff Gallery – at its center, with rotating      study of the coastline’s characteristic flora.
exhibitions. In addition, there are private galleries, a roller skating rink,     The Carmel Promenade – stretches from Pirchei HaEven Square on
and play and seating areas along the promenade.
The Shaked Promenade – the uniqueness of this promenade lies in                   Baruch Ram Street to Ir HaShemesh Square. The promenade overlooks
its amphitheater, which has an acoustical shell with 1,000 seats. The
promenade contains two restaurants, one of which is surrounded by a               an extensive sea view, alongside a green landscape and seating areas.
small pool and a waterfall alongside a picturesque wooden bridge, and             The Matzok (Cliff) Promenade – characterized by its romantic seating
the second has a pagoda roof.
The Rishonim Promenade – its singularity lies in its nine large wood              areas looking out over the sea and nature’s wild cliffs. There is a playground
and stone pergolas, each with a different geometric structure and color.
There are a large number of cafes and restaurants along it, as well as a          full of play equipment on the promenade. South of the promenade –

                                                                                  stretches the colorful paragliding site, enabling activity accompanied by

                                                                                  an instructor over the sandstone ridge.
                                                                                  The Dromit (Southern) Promenade – known for its spectacular

                                                                                  environmental sculptures produced from recycled materials by the

                                                                                  interdisciplinary artist, Ruslan Sergeev. The sculptures are decorative

                                                                                  and also serve as benches, pergolas, and play equipment.

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